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We send these out 3 or 4 times a year on non-reunion years.

This is the only way we inform you about upcoming reunions and other alumi news such as the DVD. Although we gather emails from those who login, many are reuturned due to people changing emails, putting in fake ones, or because our email is being spammed by your email provider. If you wish to receive info on upcoming reunions you MUST KEEP YOUR EMAIL CURRENT.

Everytime we do an email send, many are returned.
So always check with us if you did not receive it!

We will announce on the main page everytime we send a newsletter. So visit often. If you are subscribed and are not getting it, please email us using the contact form. You may need to use another email address or change your spam settings.

REMEMBER: THIS IS THE ONLY WAY WE HAVE TO CONTACT MOST OF YOU ABOUT REUNIONS AND OTHER NEWS! So please keep your email current! If you change emails, please subscribe the new one! (Also its a good idea to change it on your profile page if you have registered.)